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Linen Closet

Remember? I said I would show you the closet again when it was reorganized and wallpapered with this thrift store find? I kept my word.  I still have some of this wallpaper left.  Anyone?  That's pretty well all I have to say today.  The kids are out of school and we are biking and playing and working. My writing is on the back burner for awhile and my brain is quiet with work.  A lovely spot to be.  One of these days I'll smack you upside the head with some really deep thoughts but for now you are on vacation.  Aren't you glad?

Mothers Day

Mothers day is here again...  This year I'm going to praise my kids who are teaching me what being a mother means... I don't feel like the day itself is a celebration of mothers as much as its is a celebration to being a mother...  I love being a mom.  Not all days, because I'm human and am undeniably tired and grouchy with the whole thing, but most days; it truly does feel like a celebration to me to have this grand privilege of being "Mom" to three beautiful children.  I haven't any deep thoughts pertaining to motherhood for this day, just pure physical touchable things that make it a joy.   Laife, who is fourteen, taller, and stronger than myself... He's my go to guy for heavy lifting, for errands by bicycle to the grocery store, and for helping me lighten up my mood.  This morning, while eating his breakfast, as it was dumping down rain, he said, "I think I'll ride bike to school this morning,". Of course, I bit and said, "