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Mothers Day

Mothers day is here again...  This year I'm going to praise my kids who are teaching me what being a mother means... I don't feel like the day itself is a celebration of mothers as much as its is a celebration to being a mother...  I love being a mom.  Not all days, because I'm human and am undeniably tired and grouchy with the whole thing, but most days; it truly does feel like a celebration to me to have this grand privilege of being "Mom" to three beautiful children.  I haven't any deep thoughts pertaining to motherhood for this day, just pure physical touchable things that make it a joy.
Laife, who is fourteen, taller, and stronger than myself... He's my go to guy for heavy lifting, for errands by bicycle to the grocery store, and for helping me lighten up my mood.  This morning, while eating his breakfast, as it was dumping down rain, he said, "I think I'll ride bike to school this morning,". Of course, I bit and said, "You will not!"  He got a kick out of that.  Anything to make mom excited. You think maybe I need to work on letting him go a little?
Toria is my nurturing one.  After working a very strenuous day on the mail route yesterday, she gave me the best back and shoulder massage I have ever experienced.  This morning she was able to take time off school because she is so close to done, to go with me to Moose Valley Farms and pick out plants, soil, and a watering can.  We had a fun girl time, starting with a trip to the local Starbucks for a cup of coffee and hot chocolate for the road.  Along the way we were able to discuss friends, and messages of songs.  Nothing really deep, just fun being together.
Shaunti is the kind that everybody loves.  Especially her mother... Last night after I got home from work, we got word from Bruce that he was needed for a transfer so instead of eating out as we had planned, Shaunti helped me prepare a restaurant dinner at home.  It started with a shower because she comes home from school DIRTY.  After her shower, she spent about an hr. dressing up and combing her hair.  Her dressing up was an old t-shirt with leggings and then my apron over top that.  Her hair went into a pony tail with two long strands left dangling out the front which she tried to curl,{she has long straight hair} so inserted into the lovely lettuce salad she made was a few long hairs.  She daintily laid a napkin on each plate and then laid the oven baked french fries and chicken on the napkin. On the side was a little cup of ketchup. Very thoughtfully prepared...
I love those kiddoes of mine for all their quirkiness and originality, for all their childishness ways and strange quarrels...For helping me be a real mom without all the ideals and plans I had prior to mothering...

Happy Mom's Day!


  1. Did our hearts good, Shilah, Tell those children of yours and grandchildren of ours we like this and love them. Grandma and Grandpa Skrivseth

  2. We love being your mom, too Shilah. Your flowers are beautiful and the picture is lovely. You always make and find lovely spots to picture and enjoy. MOM

    1. Thankyou mommers dear, have a very happy moms day... I'm planning to see you sometime this weekend still...


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