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Almost Finished

I've very sadly fallen out of the habit of blogging.  I haven't forgotten the want to though.  I still lovelovelove writing and do it almost everyday.  Just, no one gets to see it.  What I really want to show you though; I send pictures to show you.  And just so you believe, I will send some evidence that we are getting close to the end of building.  This weekend I get sidewalks and a back patio.  A very good thing too.  The mud and dirt being drug into the house is taxing my "niceness" endurance. Look at my lovely fireplace....  Bruce did such a good job.  Good man, that. And then Shaunti has been getting her grand initiation at the dentist and the end of kindergarten... A tired family after our first boat ride of the year. OK. A very scattered update.  I have much to say but can't seem to find the time to organize all that stuff floating around in my head.  I will send a finished photo of the house with the trim stuff.  I forget how to spell it...  soffit

Toria's First Sleep Over

First,  I gave them a tea party.  They were so funny.  As soon as they got home from school they went upstairs to dress for tea.  Tea doesn't taste right unless you dress the part I guess.  The day before, Toria, Shaunti, and I made these tissue paper crafts.  Fun times with my beautiful girls. The grand ladies... The next morning...  Tired but happy girls.