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Almost Finished

I've very sadly fallen out of the habit of blogging.  I haven't forgotten the want to though.  I still lovelovelove writing and do it almost everyday.  Just, no one gets to see it.  What I really want to show you though; I send pictures to show you.  And just so you believe, I will send some evidence that we are getting close to the end of building.  This weekend I get sidewalks and a back patio.  A very good thing too.  The mud and dirt being drug into the house is taxing my "niceness" endurance.

Look at my lovely fireplace....  Bruce did such a good job.  Good man, that.

And then Shaunti has been getting her grand initiation at the dentist and the end of kindergarten...
A tired family after our first boat ride of the year.

OK. A very scattered update.  I have much to say but can't seem to find the time to organize all that stuff floating around in my head. 

I will send a finished photo of the house with the trim stuff.  I forget how to spell it...  soffits and facia is how it sounds but I am positive that is not the right. anyhow you get what I mean I hope.

The big lesson I'm in the middle of is learning what God's wisdom is and not going off on my own.  Wisdom that is from above... James....  Good stuff...



  1. Hey nice update. Glad to have it.

  2. You write like you talk. Enjoyed visiting with you. Glad the sidewalks are going in.


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