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This is a book Shaunti brought home from the library the other day.   I thought it was to cute to not share.
Happy Mothers Day to all us mommies...  See we do have a big inflence on our families...

Soap Making Lessons...

I finally did it!  I've been wanting to learn to make soap for a long time now and the other day Jenn Beachy kindly invited me for a lesson.  We had a lot of fun and I know a little more than I did before, but not much.  I still wouldn't want to try this alone.  As you see, it takes a lot of ingredients you maybe wouldn't have on hand normally.
and then this "red devil lye" is a little scary.  Please listen to the pros on this one.
It requires expensive essential oils of your choice...
and many different trays, bowls, cups, a scale that weighs things out by the ounce...etc....  many many tools.
Here's some of the pretties we added.
Two days later, I went back for a lesson in cutting it up.  Soap like this needs a couple days to set up.
Here's me, the professional at work.  smile.
Look at those beauties...   This is the Wake-Up Bar.  It has lavender oil and flower heads in it as well as mint leaves and poppy seeds.  Also this one has tea tree in it so it is good …