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A Rich Life

  I started a blog post a couple weeks ago about how to deal with conflict but it got stale while I was trying to deal with my own. Meanwhile school sale projects and report cards and moving took over. Also with driving back and forth to Diamond Lake every weekend things got a bit hectic and I gave up on resolving the conflict in my life. Instead I decided to go with it and see what happens. This post is about what happens. This was dawn at the lake house last weekend...I was only here one short night last week. Alone. I left the girls back at Bonners Ferry with friends...We also received news that day that someone wanted to buy our house and wanted us out by the 30th.  Well then...That doesn't leave much time...we better get crackin... SO we worked endless long hours this week trying to finish up moving to find out the deal fell through. Ain't life grand? It's all been a very good thing though...after one night of devastation and horror we awoke with great c