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A Rich Life

 I started a blog post a couple weeks ago about how to deal with conflict but it got stale while I was trying to deal with my own. Meanwhile school sale projects and report cards and moving took over. Also with driving back and forth to Diamond Lake every weekend things got a bit hectic and I gave up on resolving the conflict in my life. Instead I decided to go with it and see what happens. This post is about what happens.

This was dawn at the lake house last weekend...I was only here one short night last week. Alone. I left the girls back at Bonners Ferry with friends...We also received news that day that someone wanted to buy our house and wanted us out by the 30th. 

Well then...That doesn't leave much time...we better get crackin...

SO we worked endless long hours this week trying to finish up moving to find out the deal fell through. Ain't life grand? It's all been a very good thing though...after one night of devastation and horror we awoke with great courage and faith that God knows what He's doing.

 On Thanksgiving Day we chose to be truly thankful for a quiet day of family and resting...It was pretty great too going to my parents and eating turkey and loving on family.

In the evening we came to Diamond Lake with the the girls and boxed, filled cars...It felt good to be here all together again. Minus Laife, he's at SMBI right now. This mama misses him.

We have doubted ourselves a lot. We have felt God's leading a lot. We have felt confident. We have felt all our hopes and dreams crash and die. But every time we come back to this lovely house on the lake we know we are finally home. Maybe we did get the cart in front of the horse, but it seems we do what is clear to us at the time. One thing we are learning, we don't have to make logical sense to others. We just need to follow God's lead.

Yesterday was a tromp through the woods and starting at Christmas decorating this house. Let me tell you, having a mantle is great fun. Also let me tell you, the color of the walls are not my choice and I am very anxious to change it.

This morning's walk out to the lake. It appears a raccoon has gone before me.

This is what makes the long weeks of teaching while husband and I are apart, he in school and living in Newport, while the girls and I live in Bonners Ferry, bearable.

What a rich life we get to live...Why not be thankful?