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First Day of Summer Vacation

It's Monday morning... The laundry is going. It's rainy/cloudy. So far the kids have had breakfast and that's about all. Currently they are taking over the living room. The dining room chairs are spread all around and they have a big blanket for a roof overhead. I haven't figured out the story they are playing. I know they have a Dad and Mom and Shaunti is "baby" she's trying to sound like one too. I keep hearing "DA DA" Toria found my scarf from yesterdays church going and is tripping around in some kind of heels. Her fine art of clip-clopping around the house makes a person want to hide. Such is the start of summer vacation. I guess I should say that I, so far, have gotten the wash started, ate a banana, and drank about three cups of coffee all while reading a D.E.Stevenson book in nabs. I don't want to work! OK I'm good after that painful moment of honesty. Have a great Monday! Inspiration for a schedule anyone?

Girl craft/fun

      I tried blogging this earlier and it for sure didn't work... Just trying again. I've been having such fun with my little gals and am proud to be their mommy. The project here was scrapbooking regular notebooks with whatever paper craft they were in the mood for. We had stickers, buttons, scrapbook papers. etc... I think Judy gave me the idea. Anyhow, thats all for now...

Rooster Redo

      Back in January mom gave me the red rooster for my birthday. She found it at a thrift store so I didn't feel bad painting it black to match another rooster I got from Kristy on my birthday. I think I can safely say that I now have enough roosters and chickens in my kitchen.

Road Trip with My Man

We had such a great time this Monday and Tuesday traveling along the Columbia River. We went to a funeral in OR.{ which of course isn't such a fun thing to do.}   I think what made it so fun for me was the amount of talking time we had. I realized after about six hours of talking uninterrupted that I didn't have to censor my thoughts and emotions. I realize there must be some couples that live all of life censoring their conversations from little ears and maybe that's OK most the time.  Maybe that's right sometimes.... Hmmm...  For us though, It was a good time to relax and talk about some of those deep down things we rarely get to with "Life as Normal". God was good to us in giving us this special time.

Happy Birthday! Toria

   Happy Birthday! Toria ...  She's eight.  This is a little late.  On her birthday, I picked her up after school and took her to downtown Bonners Ferry.  She had twelve dollars of birthday money most of which she spent at the dollar store on junk.  After that we went to the nice shops on main street and ended with "Under the Sun" { Sometime, I should do a blog of that place.} Anyhow, we ended with gelato and a girl talk moment at the sweet, little booth that looks like a gigantic bird cage.  Victoria was absolutely glowing by the time we left for home.  I love these special times with my kiddoes ...

God's Handiwork

I thank God for the beauty He adds to our lives. It's all around us if we take the time to look.