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First Day of Summer Vacation

It's Monday morning... The laundry is going. It's rainy/cloudy. So far the kids have had breakfast and that's about all. Currently they are taking over the living room. The dining room chairs are spread all around and they have a big blanket for a roof overhead. I haven't figured out the story they are playing. I know they have a Dad and Mom and Shaunti is "baby" she's trying to sound like one too. I keep hearing "DA DA" Toria found my scarf from yesterdays church going and is tripping around in some kind of heels. Her fine art of clip-clopping around the house makes a person want to hide. Such is the start of summer vacation. I guess I should say that I, so far, have gotten the wash started, ate a banana, and drank about three cups of coffee all while reading a D.E.Stevenson book in nabs. I don't want to work! OK I'm good after that painful moment of honesty. Have a great Monday! Inspiration for a schedule anyone?


  1. I would love to see a post on a nice manageable summer schedule that doesn't hamper my childs fun and imagaination but keeps him and I both occupied and happy in our own stuff....I feel like a babysitter that has to keep thinking of ideas to keep him happy....Don't like it....

  2. I tried to leave comment here yesterday, but it flew away and was gone forever. I like summer but I feel like I miss the children. They spend their time outdoors if they can...not sitting in the living room studying like during school. The two hots days we just had brought them back in to me under the AC.


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