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Think to Learn for Yourself

     Maybe this is a new concept for some of you.  Maybe you have the talent of reading new information that automatically burrows into your brain waves and sticks, till the end of time.   However, I do not.  Sometimes, this feels more like a curse than the blessing I am sure it should be, largely due to the fact that I do not learn easily and certainly not fast.      Honestly, there are some great guide books out there that really help.  The two greatest that I cannot live without are the Bible and the Webster's Dictionary.       I was getting a little frustrated with my 5th and 6th graders the other day for their lack of zeal in using the dictionary.  It is so much easier to ask Mrs. Hartman what a word means.  Mrs. Hartman very bluntly reminds them of this method of learning and thankfully, they have the wherewithal to properly look sheepish.       And then Mrs. Hartman was smitten with shame at her own inconsistencies of Bible reading since school is in session.      I was

Someone Knocked Me Off My Groove

    Isn't it nice when things go humming along at an even pace?  We like to be able to at least sorta predict our day.  Right?  I have scoffed at "planner planners", and then realize how discombobulated I feel when my plans go awry. So, while I don't like to be so detailed in my planning; I realize the comfort and stability I feel having a 'somewhat' schedule. We awoke to a skiff of snow.  No problem, we live in Idaho... These things happen in winter.  It does slow us down a bit though and we arrive at school with five minutes to spare before the teachers meet for prayer.  I thought, great! still time to make copies of this new Christmas song.  That accomplished, I arrived in the teachers room almost on time.  We sat down to pray.  Then, the lights went out.  They flickered back on and then died.  Three times. And then of course, no more back on. The timing of it was not so fun to the moms that had dropped their kids at the door and departed.  They, of cou

Thankful Reality

 It's that time of year... I keep seeing homey recipes and beautifully decorated homes just in time for the season.  I feel extremely pulled this year.  I too want a porch with potted mums and pretty white pumpkins.  I tried.  But the mums froze a couple weeks ago and the pumpkins I have are little wrinkled things.  I am not complaining.  There is, after all, a certain strength in reality and reality for us this year is, we are much too busy trying to keep up with our very real life. This kid is very helpful for keeping it real.  The photo also shows my ineptness as a photographer and at setting the scene for a natural pose.  It looks like it is; someone trying really hard to take a picture that looks like something and of course its not. It's not anything that means anything to you.  Just my beautiful child holding a tin pumpkin as she pops open her eyes wide and smiles artificially.  She basically said it... " Yeah Mom, I'll go like this and you will take a

A Day Off

This week was my husbands 39th birthday, reports cards at school, and an evening of individual PTA meetings with just me and the parents.  I served them tea and told them all the lovely things I could think of about their children.  We also addressed a few things that were not so lovely and got through.  The parents were ever so kind to me and supportive.  Even so, by the end, I was drained from so much intense discussion.  I was ever so glad to put my ice block toes over on my husbands warmness while my soul drank in the comfort of him.   He comes home from the hospital as drained as I.  We both have a deep knowledge of this gift each night.  We both say, "Life is way crazy right now, but we have this, this place of stability and comfort."   So many people don't have even a semblance of stability and the comfort of home. It hurts to think of how many people are sleeping under bridges and shivering through the night with only a thin blanket or less.   I think it is poor

It Ain't No Fun Being Bossy

     I made two kids cry today.      I don't like to make kids cry.      I feel crippled in spirit and shriveled in heart.      I acted upon 'foolishness' in a mom/teacher tandem act.      I saw nonsense and said," this shall not be."     I wonder now, were my words too harsh?     Should I be more compassionate and long suffering to childish acts?     I think I will not be fired for correcting wrongs.     I call on God and Grace and Wisdom...     I love those kids.     Do they know it?     I don't like to be in this position;     Of being in authority.     Shepherding is hard.     It's so constant and makes your heart hurt.     I hurt for them and their feelings;     And their physical owies.    When I was little,    I thought grown ups enjoyed being bossy.    Now I know they hurt just as bad as...    The one they have corrected.    It ain't no fun being bossy, it hurts.    


I'm sorry if you thought this was going to be tips on de-cluttering your home of earthly possessions.  It's not.  You see, I sort through life's ups and downs best, by writing it out.  The de-cluttering takes place in my brain. It helps me sleep at night, which is pretty important, since I am also a school teacher. Too bad for you, to listen to me, de-clutter, but I think if you stick with me you will see God at work. One thing I am learning about children: They cannot remember basic manners and rules from week to week. They can barely retain them day to day.  My kids are a lot of fun, very creative, yet very forgetful. I am finding and beginning to accept the fact; they need a Monday morning recap, just to make sure the same rules still apply as they did last week.  They just have to check, in case I have changed my mind over the weekend.  I never do, but you never know...  This is very wearing and sometimes grueling. It also got me to thinking about how my husband pro