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Think to Learn for Yourself

     Maybe this is a new concept for some of you.  Maybe you have the talent of reading new information that automatically burrows into your brain waves and sticks, till the end of time.   However, I do not.  Sometimes, this feels more like a curse than the blessing I am sure it should be, largely due to the fact that I do not learn easily and certainly not fast.
     Honestly, there are some great guide books out there that really help.  The two greatest that I cannot live without are the Bible and the Webster's Dictionary.
      I was getting a little frustrated with my 5th and 6th graders the other day for their lack of zeal in using the dictionary.  It is so much easier to ask Mrs. Hartman what a word means.  Mrs. Hartman very bluntly reminds them of this method of learning and thankfully, they have the wherewithal to properly look sheepish.
      And then Mrs. Hartman was smitten with shame at her own inconsistencies of Bible reading since school is in session.
     I was so busy learning and guiding that I had forgotten to think and be guided by The Greatest Adviser, Counselor, and Teacher of all time. Could it be I was too busy doing, that being in  His presence was going unnoticed like the dictionary was by my students?
      Challenge for the month of December:  Get up at 6:00 A.M. to spend required time with My Teacher...  Who's with me?


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