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The Great Things People Do

Exactly a year ago, We came home from Chile, South America. Our church gave us a huge grocery shower to help us get started again. The plan was for us to be gone two years at least so we had pretty well gotten rid of everything. I am sure some people even wondered what we were doing back home already but out of the goodness of their hearts they gave us a lot of groceries and a warm welcome home. The back of the Tahoe was full top to bottom. The cupboards and fridge were both full to the max. I've often thought of that kindness this past year. Our church family had the questions I'm sure but instead they gave love and support. I've been thinking of how easy it is to pick at peoples faults and miss the greatness that people show as well. I plan to focus on the love and acceptance that God's people show everywhere daily. This is Jessie Litteral, one of our pastors wife. She is holding their newly adopted son, Gabriel. He is from Haiti. Josh and Jessie adopted a daught

My spring project

OH bummer, Above is my after picture... Below is the one you were suppose to see first. Below is my before pic.... When I showed Bruce what my hands found to do this morning he said " Wow, looks nice and cluttered." I was after organized in a cozy way.Hmmm...

More Home From P.R.

And of course, you need to see pictures of the sand and sea... We did get to the beach one time as a family and also once more with Grandma and kiddies . While at the beach with Grandma we got to watch a couple daring people get pulled on this contraption through the air via boat in water. I don't ever have to do this to be happy. Great fun to watch from the ground. Also Grandma bought all the little ladies matching dresses. They got a little tired of all the photo shoots but these things are a must among moms and grandmas...

Home From P. R.

The famous hot tub at Grandpa Hartmans house... All the grandchildren that were there in this one. Bruce and his dad weeding the flowerbed one last time before the big move... A blurry pic. sorry, but this was an usual evening on the patio... or terrace as mom Hartman calls it. Cousins... and fast friends... Nicole stole our hearts. I called her a little peanut. She just is...