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My spring project

OH bummer, Above is my after picture... Below is the one
you were suppose to see first. Below is my before pic....
When I showed Bruce what my hands found to do this morning he said
" Wow, looks nice and cluttered." I was after organized in a cozy way.Hmmm...
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  1. Shilah! I like your Sewing Corner! Love it actually! just seeing your house makes me miss it! oh and i love that pic of the children on the top!

  2. WoW! I wish I could have you over here for 6 wks or so! WoW!!!! Looks fabulous! And Cool! No fair!

  3. That looks REALLY neat Shilah!!!! It's amazing I wish I could wake my sewing corner into a beautifully decorated part of the house instead of an eye sore!

  4. Okay, here's my opinion. I liked both pics very well. Your non-traditional approach to a sewing corner if very neat and tidy. But I miss the prior grouping on the wall. What did you do with that? Whoever heard of storing zippers in a vahz?!! :)

  5. I still have the prior grouping Arla, Do you want it?

  6. Laughing about the vahz, vase thing! Don't be so cultured!
    Shilah, I like it alot. You def. have creativity that I admire but haven't been blessed with. Maybe you could get a job with Better Homes and Gardens....:-) We need to talk girl, been too long!


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