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One Sunday afternoon this spring... We took the ATV's up to Buzzard.  We almost got to the top. One day when it wasn't raining...  We took the boat down to the river... They fished but caught no fishes... Shaunti and I sang to them and did all manner of annoying things like call "here fishy fishy fishy..." We've had some gorgeous rainbows this year  cuz of the storms dontchya know... Last year this year this year last year this year...  Now my tour is over.  Hope you liked.    Maybe next time you can see my huge muddy garden.

Lessons From a Chicken

   Psalm 17:8 Keep me as the apple of Your eye… Hide me under the shadow of Your wing… Did you ever have a very old verse spring alive in a very new way? Let me tell you about our “mentally unstable” bantam hen. I dubbed her “loco” because out of the blue she decided she was going to sit her eggs even though there were no eggs available to her. Her owners collected them all faithfully every day. It wouldn’t have done her any good had we left her eggs to her business because alas the poor creature never had the honor of Mr. Rooster paying her the necessary attentions to perform such a miracle. Oh, the faith of the little hen. She never wavered but continued to sit in her nest box day after day, minus the eggs. One day the neighbor hearing of her plight; provided four fertilized eggs from his chicken project. Knowing that we needed 21 more days from her; we wondered if she would do it; seeing she had already lain on an empty nest about 14 days prior. Last n

Life is Good...

  Do these flowers bring out the blue in my eyes Mommy? A year ago Carol and I had coffee at Under The Sun and talked of many things under the sun...  She has been a gift from God with her honesty and willingness to council  me where it was/is needed.  I want to be just like her when I grow up... Well, maybe not totally.  She was afraid of Bruce's driving in the mountains. These are the mountain flowers that are blooming in the mountains now.   And, also a year ago... with Lorita who most the time lives in South America.  Whom I miss alot and never get to talk to.  This was a morning on four-wheelers with our kiddies. Life has been good.  We made it through the last six weeks and I now know how to deliver the mail.  I can do it!  I succeeded!  And Bruce is better.     School ended, I trained for the mail route, and we had a family reunion all in the same time.  It was a lot to take in but happened and was as it should be.  I did a lot of praying; asking God for he