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Life is Good...

Do these flowers bring out the blue in my eyes Mommy?

A year ago Carol and I had coffee at Under The Sun and talked of many things under the sun...  She has been a gift from God with her honesty and willingness to council  me where it was/is needed.  I want to be just like her when I grow up... Well, maybe not totally.  She was afraid of Bruce's driving in the mountains.

These are the mountain flowers that are blooming in the mountains now.

And, also a year ago... with Lorita who most the time lives in South America.  Whom I miss alot and never get to talk to.  This was a morning on four-wheelers with our kiddies.

Life has been good.  We made it through the last six weeks and I now know how to deliver the mail.  I can do it!  I succeeded!  And Bruce is better.
    School ended, I trained for the mail route, and we had a family reunion all in the same time.  It was a lot to take in but happened and was as it should be.  I did a lot of praying; asking God for help and grace to get through.  I admit to a few days of feeling a great disappointment at not being as involved as I would have liked at the reunion.  My focus was being thankful for how things were and enjoying each moment possible.  I did.  The highlights for me were singing that song with my siblings- that one we always sang together.  "When The Day Is Dark."    I loved walking through the pavilion and seeing two -four brothers talking and laughing together.  I didn't get to take pictures but some one has pictures of all of this I am sure.  I loved the DVD Mom and Dad made for each of us.  It was so special that evening watching it together and then sharing memories after.  I loved hearing what everyone had to say.  And always it's perfect hanging with my sisters.    Thanks all, for the wonderful time together.
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  1. I just love summer. I had the same feelings about the reunion. Someday I'm going to be 50 and not running after the kids and actually sit and drink coffee and TALK with the grown ups the whole entire reunion..... Someday....

  2. Life is good. Agreed. I loved being at your house and finding chicks,(we have those at our farm too.) flowers, beautiful children, music, and writer's thoughts. So obvious we are sisters. Love you,
    Oh, and about the reunion...I didn't have little ones to run after, but neither did I talk a lot. Haven't figured this out. A lot of us just absorbed being together again.

  3. Yeah, Evie, I thought of that afterward, too. I don't remember talking too much...didn't need to. It was all being said without words. Nice. I especially took home Shilah's succinct remarks about taking our problems to prayer first and perhaps only. Wonder how much I have to learn about this.


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