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  A few things that bring me joy... Cozy evenings in the living room snuggled close to the fire...   These colors of green... And a few thoughts on what joy really is... The dictionary says it something a person delights in... Scripture says it something we find through searching and suffering... I always thought it was a bubbly happy way of being... until I was tested... It's been a very interesting study and I would love to tell you all I learned in the bible verses and other outside sources but I think the most fun for you would be to study it yourself.  JOY is attainable to all.  It seems to be much easier to achieve when you have less physical things. It seems that each person has different things that bring them joy depending on Whom or What they put their hope in.  The JOY of the Lord is my strength... The wise men were filled with exceeding great joy when they found the star which led them to Jesus where they fell down and worshipped Him. For me, joy is th