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Of Friendship, Girlfriends, and More...

 Bruce went to Va over the weekend for a cousins wedding and so my wonderful friend Jenn flew in with her youngest child and spent four beautiful days with me.  We had a grand old time of shopping like we used to when we were young and unmindful of adult responsibilities.  Bath and Body Works made some money off us that day.  It was just like shopping with Jenn used to be.  The same silly things caught our attention.  The mall shopping is seen through different eyes than it was when I was unmarried.  That one store we walked by, I about flipped at the posters they hang for all the world to see.  I used to walk by that store and go in and look.  Now I cringe and cover my eyes.  Are things worse or did I change that much?  On to better things.  Since it was spring break with no daddy at home, I took the kids out for pizza.  Jenn and Addison made that fun for all.  Jenn taught them how to be very mannerly when getting their pictures taken; like sticking out the tongue for example...  Bles

A favorite nook in the house...Decor my style...

  The word on photo is my attemp to hide my electric plug in thingy... Why do I never notice these things while taking the picture?   Notice the wee gold bird.  I don't actually like live birds up close and personal as some of you well know.  But this little guy was the perfect candidate when I found him in the thrift store all orangey clay...

I'm dreaming of summer..

  I have faith that sunshine and summer will come again...  I was just browsing my pictures looking for a reminder of what was and maybe will be one day again... And then on another note...  I was just wondering how many other women start projects and rarely get them finished like myself or is this a problem all my own?  Currently I have two knitting projects that need finishing... three books that I know would do me good to read... five or so sewing projects cut out but not even started sewing... and scrap booking that is four and five years behind.  I'm sure there's much more... Oh yeah, I bought spray paint to paint the girls little wood chairs a year ago and the chairs remain a cherry red instead of the nice calming sage green they could be.   So, there you have it.  This is something I would appreciate feedback on.  Do any of you finish your projects?  How long does it take to tackle them?  Is it important to finish?  Any tips on getting with it?      I think I would r


We finally got the snow storms we were waiting for all winter. It was beautiful but I didn’t take any pictures. I couldn’t quite get into it for some reason. It made me think of perspective though. On Wed. as I was cutting meat at the deli for a lady she was frantically telling me “There’s a big snow plow/dump truck sitting in the three mile stop light! I about hit it. Why would he park there? And he’s been there for a long time.” She finished with “Someone’s going to get hurt!” I knew what she was talking about because I had seen the truck on my way to school a couple hours before. Enter, the next lady about fifteen minutes later. “I wonder what’s wrong with the poor truck stuck at three mile. He’s been there for quite awhile. Something must’ve broken down. Hope he’s OK.” I thanked God for that display of different perspective. So much like life and people; everyone thinking about the same things from different angles. And the grace shown by second lady was so re