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Of Friendship, Girlfriends, and More...

 Bruce went to Va over the weekend for a cousins wedding and so my wonderful friend Jenn flew in with her youngest child and spent four beautiful days with me.  We had a grand old time of shopping like we used to when we were young and unmindful of adult responsibilities.  Bath and Body Works made some money off us that day.  It was just like shopping with Jenn used to be.  The same silly things caught our attention.  The mall shopping is seen through different eyes than it was when I was unmarried.  That one store we walked by, I about flipped at the posters they hang for all the world to see.  I used to walk by that store and go in and look.  Now I cringe and cover my eyes.  Are things worse or did I change that much?
 On to better things.  Since it was spring break with no daddy at home, I took the kids out for pizza.  Jenn and Addison made that fun for all.
 Jenn taught them how to be very mannerly when getting their pictures taken; like sticking out the tongue for example...  Bless her heart... Shaunti barely knows how. See how delicately she tries? 
 Addison is my middle name namesake.  No, I will not tell you what that is.
 This is the first doughnut I enjoyed in the whole last year.  It was cream filled and disgustingly good.  Bruce was back by Sunday and so we drug him along for lunch to the Bread Basket on Monday.  He got roped into taking our picture in front of all his friends.  I told him he was a real man for putting up with our silliness.
 And this is April's girls with Addison.    How sweet it was visiting with a friend that gets your jokes and relates to life much the same as yourself yet can put a different perspective in that you very much value and need.  Thank you, Jenn, for coming way out west to see me. I hope you went away as encouraged as I did... 
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  1. Lovely post! We're almost to that same friends house!

  2. Aw! The weekend is like a lovely dream I will long cherish. It was truly a "Delight" to visit you, and also to introduce my own "Delight" to her namesake! (There, I said it!) And now I get to enjoy another wonderful weekend....I am so blessed!

  3. Jenn you are lucky to be so far away from me. I'm sure all the "delightful" talk is making people wonder... Thanks again for a wonderful weekend not soon to be forgotten.


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