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Closet Door Fix

  When we moved into this old house, we found all kinds of quirky things, like this closet.  It's little, has no light, and has three old stair steps in it.  Kristy, my sweet friend, whom was privileged to wash it out for me suggested I hang a mirror on this door...                       I thought that was a swell idea until I tried it...                                              Oops... Do you see my boo boo?  Bruce was NOT impressed!   So.... I kept my eyes peeled at the thrift store the last couple months and thought about the kind of wallpaper I could live with in my bedroom.  I'm not a wallpaper gal but can live with the small, quaint looking kind.  This I found for 99cents a couple weeks ago. Took me about 20 minutes to hang..  No more boo boo and I love it... Next project for the 99 cent wallpaper is this hall closet.  The shelves, that is...otherwise I would never show you this mess.  Now that I did, I'll have to actually get it d


Happy Easter... New beginnings... A start on the rock wall... My kind of adoring what God has created... I love beautiful things... Nothing like roses to see the beauty of this earth... Healthy, happy children are beautiful too... He's getting too big for his britches... Snoopy loves Shaunti... Can you tell? Clifty... The River... Life is Beautiful...


    How does God view the conflicts we are in?  Conflicts with people are so complex, especially with other believers.   I heard on Christian radio this morning, that the way to end conflict is with humility. The broadcaster was saying that the way to diffuse a bomb is not with another bomb... In the same way conflicts with others don't go away with more talking or explosions of anger. Hence, conflict is diffused by humility.   In Sunday school, we've been studying 2Cor. Last Sunday was about not comparing ourselves among ourselves.  We are having communion on Good Friday so all kinds of self examining is going on in my heart.  Scripture states that instead of comparing yourselves among yourselves, be concerned with what God sees in you. This is something we've as a couple been searching seriously the last while because of some conflicts we've been dealing with in our own lives.    It's hard for me to hear and understand conflict among Christians, because it is m