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I'm Just Like My Mom

My mom is going in for her second hip surgery next week.  Something about having my own solid mom needing to go through surgeries make me sentimental toward her and a little mixed up about myself all at the same time.  I find myself repeating her and hearing her expressions in everything I do. This morning on the way to school, one of the kids suggested I go ahead and pull out on to the highway.  They figured I had plenty of time to beat the semi that was barrelling down the road.  I said without thinking, "No way, that would be the end of Solomon Grundy" Who was Solomon Grundy? I don't know. Mom used to say that under the same kind of circumstance. She would have us throw the laundry down the stairs "seventy times seven".  Often a number attached to cats and the like was "forty a leven".  When something inconvenient happened it was; "drat your hide" or "I'll give you back to the Indians only the Indians wouldn't want you,&qu

My Aunt Eva

                                                               If you had asked me to describe my Aunt Eva when I was fifteen, the answer would’ve been much different than the one I would give now. When I was fifteen, knowing that Uncle Dan’s family was coming for dinner was enough to give me a bad case of nerves. Something about Aunt Eva made me want to shoot for the highest star and appear smart and intelligent; only, there was no fooling her, so filled with defeat, I would accept that I was me no matter who was coming and would help clean, polish, and shine everything in the house along with everyone else. When Aunt Eva would enter a room, usually the first thing I would notice was her perfume. She wore it strong and often. I often wondered if she did it accidentally like I did when I would try for a dab behind the ear and end up with a big splash or if she really wanted it that strong. I have a vague memory of someone saying that Aunt Eva thought if a little smelled goo


     I’ve been thinking about love lately because, not only is it Valentines Day, it is also our 16 th wedding anniversary. We aren’t doing anything this year because we spent eight days on a cruise to Alaska in August and because Bruce is deep in the studies of EMT classes. By not doing anything, I mean we aren’t going out for the weekend or out for supper. I told him I’d rather wait to go till I have all his attention instead of his mind being taken up with his studies right now. Which is a wonderful way to feel. Not celebrating a few years ago would have devastated me. That’s what got me thinking about our journey of love… Remember the warm fuzzies of dating and feeling so special because someone loved you. Out of all the people in the whole world you found each other and yours was the first special relationship. No one else had a clue how wonderful you were to each other. Yours was the only relationship that mattered. Everyone else could not have possibly ever

Have You Ever Wondered?

        What kind of an old lady you will be? I do. I am haunted by the thought that I could get Alzheimer’s and say and do all the horrid things I have thought about doing when I was alone or no one was looking. That should scare me straight while I still have the facilities of my mind. Right? The other day, Toria was home from school with a fever and I got a telemarketer call on my cell phone. She witnessed me snapping at what was probably a computer voice now that I’ve had time to think about it. This voice told me I had filled out a survey and because of that; I was eligible for blah blah blah. Now nothing gets my ire up more than some sales pitch that tells lies to begin with. I didn’t fill out any survey in my recollection so that was really a poor gimmick for the poor innocent party to start with. Toria was shocked at my retort that told the computer voice that I did not fill out any survey and to not call me again and then I quick


For  Laife's 13th birthday we took him bowling and out for pizza For my birthday, I had coffee at Under The Sun with my sis and her kiddies and my sister in laws that live here.  Thanks Judy and Sharon and April. This little munchkins had a birthday as well.  She's a little tadpole so she says.  That's what she told me on her birthday when we got together for lunch and gifts.  I babysat her the day after her birthday while big sister was at the doctor.  She calls me "Shea Ilah"  It means Tia Shilah.  She is fun to listen to.  I started a movie for her that morning and she said, "Shea Ilah, I non't ike to watch za cwedits."  Wow, what language dost thou talk my love?  And how do you know about credits with that accent? And there's me and a few others...  Me, looking all my 37 yrs.  I look like one of my aunts. I won't say which one.  Whew, scary resemblance