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For  Laife's 13th birthday we took him bowling and out for pizza

For my birthday, I had coffee at Under The Sun with my sis and her kiddies and my sister in laws that live here.  Thanks Judy and Sharon and April.

This little munchkins had a birthday as well.  She's a little tadpole so she says.  That's what she told me on her birthday when we got together for lunch and gifts.  I babysat her the day after her birthday while big sister was at the doctor.  She calls me "Shea Ilah"  It means Tia Shilah.  She is fun to listen to.  I started a movie for her that morning and she said, "Shea Ilah, I non't ike to watch za cwedits."  Wow, what language dost thou talk my love?  And how do you know about credits with that accent?

And there's me and a few others...  Me, looking all my 37 yrs.  I look like one of my aunts. I won't say which one.  Whew, scary resemblance
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  1. Which Auntie, my dear. All of our Aunties are beautiful. I spent a whole two days with them in 2011 and I MUST do it again asap. It was wonderful. At one point Leah advised Carol, Trenda and I to hold our hands out palms down up along side hers. "Look, they're all alike." It was one of those spine tingling moments for me. Not sure why. It was just great!

  2. You wear 37 in a very graceful manner! What fun, coffee at Under the Sun. Neat how you can talk of that place and now I can picture it for myself!

  3. Absolutely nothing scary that I can see...I still remember something I heard once: "I'm just scared that my maturity level doesn't match my age." Hugs, happy aging, and graceful maturity.

  4. Love Kari's comment. I second it! Arla's comments about hands...One time, Shilah, you and I ate out together. RARE! Here in Ohio! While eating there with you I looked at my hands. They were like my Skrivseth aunts. Defining moment! I could be myself! Freedom to be me. Remember that? Okay now, so whatever that could mean to you, I don't know. But I know I love who you are!

  5. Hhmmm. About the hands, Bruce was actually holding both my hands in his the other day and says he loves them. I never think about our hands as " Skrivseth hands" but yeah, that'd be fun to have lunch with my sisters and do the hand thing, Arla.


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