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Less is more

My inspiration this week was an old thought...finding contentment in the simple things of life. Seeing the ordinary as beautiful. I don't know what esp. made me think of it. I had a usual week. Went to a birthday party or two, went to an all day sewing, spent a day shopping for winter clothes, painted a small area in my kitchen, read a book, and did other endless, meaningless chores. Just plain, simple life happening all around me. Maybe its more than contentment. Perhaps a better word is editing. I am noticing that many things can so easily be overdone, such as too much chocolate, coffee, or words. It is so easy to fling words around like they have no tomorrow and in doing so they lose their true meaning. It even happens in emotions or in the ways we express ourselves, for example, I can say "It was SUCH a good story," Or "It was a very, good story." there's not really anything wrong with either statement other than if you find yourself

Things I am thankful for...

Yes, I am thankful for my husband...hat and all... and that friends have birthdays so we can go out for dinner at a nice restaurant... I already said I was thankful for my husband... even the hat... And time with my friends that go way back! Jenn and I had so much fun when I flew to GA for that ladies retreat.