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Thanksgiving Thoughts...

 We've had a lovely Thanksgiving... A lazy morning for all.  Cinnamon rolls and coffee for breakfast were a great start.  While the children did their animal chores; I went on a walk and gathered all kinds of weeds and twiggy looking stuff.  For the big dinner we came down to Dad and Moms for our yummy traditional dinner.   If you were asked to say what you are thankful for in one word, what would it be?  Mine is "change"  I'm so thankful that God is still working on changing me into what I ought to be.  Change is a hopeful word for some of our relationships or the state of affairs in our nation today.  Change that is brought about by the Holy Spirit working in our hearts and minds is indeed something to be thankful for.   Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

A Lot of Nothing...

     Things have been very good and very normal.  I have nothing interesting to say but know I should update.  Our life this month started with myself getting home from Nebraska and helping the kids with homework and preparing for the school sale.  We didn't do a lot of projects but had a lot of fun in between.  Our evening have been filled with the aforementioned homework and games or reading.  We visit the library often.  The kids have chores.  With the horses, chickens,  and hauling the firewood into the wood box.   Bruce has been super busy with his regular job and all his volunteer work.  He is now doing the EMT driver thing, fire department, and SAR.  That would make some families cringe but so far its been a good thing for our family.  When Bruce is home for an evening we spend it together instead of in front of a movie. I can't figure out why, but we seem to have better quality family time being this busy.      Something Shaunti informed me of after seeing me in my ne