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I'm Just Like My Mom

My mom is going in for her second hip surgery next week.  Something about having my own solid mom needing to go through surgeries make me sentimental toward her and a little mixed up about myself all at the same time.  I find myself repeating her and hearing her expressions in everything I do.

This morning on the way to school, one of the kids suggested I go ahead and pull out on to the highway.  They figured I had plenty of time to beat the semi that was barrelling down the road.  I said without thinking, "No way, that would be the end of Solomon Grundy" Who was Solomon Grundy? I don't know. Mom used to say that under the same kind of circumstance.

She would have us throw the laundry down the stairs "seventy times seven".  Often a number attached to cats and the like was "forty a leven".  When something inconvenient happened it was; "drat your hide" or "I'll give you back to the Indians only the Indians wouldn't want you," and if she was feeling sympathetic toward an inconvenience you yourself experienced it was, "Ah, wouldn't that jar you?"

Her expressions often puzzled me, but now I'm learning their "deeper" meaning especially when I hear from my own kids that I'm a lot like grandma; plus the fact that her words come flying out of my mouth on their own.  Who knew? I AM just like my mom whether I understand it or not. Love you, Mom.


  1. Yes, except I never wanted to admit it. My family teases me about it. Good for you. You seem to be enjoying it. And I'm glad. She's a great mom!

  2. Love it! Reminded me of some expressions my own mom (and/or Dad) used. I do not know who Solomon Grundy is, nor do I know who "Jonas Katie" (said with a Dutchy accent) is either!

  3. I "heard" your mom through Wanda this week. (Nevin & Wanda from Belize were at the Ministers'Mtg.)We shared a cabin, and finally I asked her if she was a sister to Ruth ;) I could close my eyes and hear your mom - it was a comfortable feeling. Love her, love you.:)

  4. Kari, that is so neat you got to meet Wanda. Mom says she and Wanda have been told they are like one another all their lives.


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