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We finally got the snow storms we were waiting for all winter. It was beautiful but I didn’t take any pictures. I couldn’t quite get into it for some reason. It made me think of perspective though. On Wed. as I was cutting meat at the deli for a lady she was frantically telling me “There’s a big snow plow/dump truck sitting in the three mile stop light! I about hit it. Why would he park there? And he’s been there for a long time.” She finished with “Someone’s going to get hurt!” I knew what she was talking about because I had seen the truck on my way to school a couple hours before.
Enter, the next lady about fifteen minutes later. “I wonder what’s wrong with the poor truck stuck at three mile. He’s been there for quite awhile. Something must’ve broken down. Hope he’s OK.”
I thanked God for that display of different perspective. So much like life and people; everyone thinking about the same things from different angles. And the grace shown by second lady was so refreshing after the first blast of drama.
I’m not sure if it’s possible to have a third perspective but mine was a little slower as I so often am. I barely noticed the truck on my way to the school. I just figured he was on his radio or something. The second time going by him I realized maybe he was broke down and was glad he picked a lane that I wasn’t using to break down in. Self- centered and unaware as usual. Hhmm… what lesson can be drawn from this she asks herself??? OK now go out and have some perspective.

An then also a few pictures...remember this?  Here is the finsished pantry.   I love how much room it gave me...both sides are now usable.  And also I've been doing a bit of cleaning and reorganizing and here is my linen cabinet...