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One Sunday afternoon this spring... We took the ATV's up to Buzzard.  We almost got to the top.

One day when it wasn't raining...  We took the boat down to the river...

They fished but caught no fishes...
Shaunti and I sang to them and did all manner of annoying things like call "here fishy fishy fishy..."

We've had some gorgeous rainbows this year  cuz of the storms dontchya know...

Last year

this year

this year

last year

this year...  Now my tour is over.  Hope you liked.    Maybe next time you can see my huge muddy garden.
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  1. Absolutely fabulous! I can only dream that I would have those kinds of flower bed one year from when I move in.

  2. Yes, flowerbeds....I wish I wanted's rather embarrassing. So far I'd just rather water my house plants.... You're doing a great job, it all looks so green and lush and I love that rainbow with the pot of gold hidden in the mountain!


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