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I'm sorry if you thought this was going to be tips on de-cluttering your home of earthly possessions.  It's not.  You see, I sort through life's ups and downs best, by writing it out.  The de-cluttering takes place in my brain. It helps me sleep at night, which is pretty important, since I am also a school teacher. Too bad for you, to listen to me, de-clutter, but I think if you stick with me you will see God at work.

One thing I am learning about children: They cannot remember basic manners and rules from week to week. They can barely retain them day to day.  My kids are a lot of fun, very creative, yet very forgetful. I am finding and beginning to accept the fact; they need a Monday morning recap, just to make sure the same rules still apply as they did last week.  They just have to check, in case I have changed my mind over the weekend.  I never do, but you never know...  This is very wearing and sometimes grueling.

It also got me to thinking about how my husband probably has felt in the past when I have questioned  his judgement and authority, not saying that I don't do those things anymore, I am human and I do like my own ideas better sometimes, but at least now I feel the pain of how he must feel.  It makes it  pretty clear in my mind, how important it is to make him feel my deepest respect for his position in our home.  Funny thing, to have teaching, show you these basic truths.  And also funny thing that I wonder at their [the students] forgetfulness.  "Of whom I am chiefest of sinners".

Teaching school is exposing my own inconsistencies, flaws, and my desperate need of God and His wisdom. All by myself, I ain't got nothin.  Every day, I need Him, and He has me amazed, day after day, with His goodness, His answers, and His right on timeness.


  1. I love to read your decluttering stuff. Good read. Thanks for posting.


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