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Someone Knocked Me Off My Groove

    Isn't it nice when things go humming along at an even pace?  We like to be able to at least sorta predict our day.  Right?  I have scoffed at "planner planners", and then realize how discombobulated I feel when my plans go awry. So, while I don't like to be so detailed in my planning; I realize the comfort and stability I feel having a 'somewhat' schedule.

We awoke to a skiff of snow.  No problem, we live in Idaho... These things happen in winter.  It does slow us down a bit though and we arrive at school with five minutes to spare before the teachers meet for prayer.  I thought, great! still time to make copies of this new Christmas song.  That accomplished, I arrived in the teachers room almost on time.  We sat down to pray.  Then, the lights went out.  They flickered back on and then died.  Three times. And then of course, no more back on.

The timing of it was not so fun to the moms that had dropped their kids at the door and departed.  They, of course, had to come back after they were either home or almost home.  We tried to stick it out and learn our new song by candlelight and by the light from the big window in our classroom, but word soon arrived that the power was out indefinitely so better to send the kiddoes home...

Wow! A day at home.  What does one do first?  The honor roll trip that was planned is once more postponed, which means that all the stuff I prepared last night can go in the freezer.  There is laundry piled high that is needing done.  I could do that.  I could Christmas decorate... Maybe, I should sit down and write for my new writing group of which I am so proud to join yet scared to write for, for the first time.  What if they think I am pathetic as a writer?  Or what if they see potential, yet are so helpful in their editing that I want to run from exposure?

Instead, I chose to call my sister, text my mom with prayers for a safe journey on her trip, and I made cornbread to go with the chili I had left simmering in the slow cooker.  I also made my favorite easy bars, started the laundry, and tried to listen to music.  Did you know, it is hard to write or listen to music when your brain is all mixed up from a mixed up morning?

I did not Christmas decorate.  I did however, gather the pumpkins and frozen mums from off the front porch and I might at some point today get started on making that spot better for viewing.  The part that is hard isn't so much the change of plans.  It is more about learning to adjust when you don't have a plan.  But... I am catching on real quick!