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It Ain't No Fun Being Bossy

     I made two kids cry today.
     I don't like to make kids cry.
     I feel crippled in spirit and shriveled in heart.
     I acted upon 'foolishness' in a mom/teacher tandem act.
     I saw nonsense and said," this shall not be."

    I wonder now, were my words too harsh?
    Should I be more compassionate and long suffering to childish acts?
    I think I will not be fired for correcting wrongs.
    I call on God and Grace and Wisdom...
    I love those kids.
    Do they know it?

    I don't like to be in this position;
    Of being in authority.
    Shepherding is hard.
    It's so constant and makes your heart hurt.
    I hurt for them and their feelings;
    And their physical owies.

   When I was little,
   I thought grown ups enjoyed being bossy.
   Now I know they hurt just as bad as...
   The one they have corrected.
   It ain't no fun being bossy, it hurts.



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