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Happy Birthday! Toria

   Happy Birthday! Toria...  She's eight.  This is a little late.  On her birthday, I picked her up after school and took her to downtown Bonners Ferry.  She had twelve dollars of birthday money most of which she spent at the dollar store on junk.  After that we went to the nice shops on main street and ended with "Under the Sun" { Sometime, I should do a blog of that place.} Anyhow, we ended with gelato and a girl talk moment at the sweet, little booth that looks like a gigantic bird cage.  Victoria was absolutely glowing by the time we left for home.  I love these special times with my kiddoes...
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  1. Do you ever feel overwhelmed that God gave you such beautiful daughters? She is striking!!! Well, you both are!:) Love, Amy

  2. Sounds like fun! I'd like to do that with each of of my girls..great idea!

  3. awww...that's so sweet...if she loves it now -she'll love it even more in about 8 more years...:)


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