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            Pronounced: hue-gah or hoo-gah

I thought I had learned a new word the other week when I bumped into this one...turns out though, its been around ages and has been floating around social media for the past five years or so.

I blame my own practice of "hygge" to just now be finding out about it. It became one of my favorite words once I read the meaning and since it has Nordic roots I felt I could identify with it immediately. Not that I know a lot about my Norwegian ancestors...somehow it has always felt very cool that I have a small portion of Norwegian in my blood. That is beside the point.

 I remember as a child I struggled for words to describe the emotion attached to snuggling a hot cup of cocoa in mittened hands after a moonlit evening of sledding with the cousins. 

In present day, it has become my cup of coffee. It isn't the taste or the need of caffeine as much as the ritual and feeling of centered ness that comes in the making of the cup of coffee. And always sipping its comforting hot liquid with sweet words of Jesus read from the Bible...this is "hygge" to me.

I know "hygge" when I take out the garbage or throw something away; when I am grateful with less...when less becomes more. When what I have is plenty.

When I simplify my life by taking something out of my schedule or saying "No" to too much, this is "hygge". Also, the act of folding a blanket, mending a hole, or ironing a pillowcase...Joy in these simple things...that can be "hygge'.

I think it is a good word for a Jesus lover too. It means you are being purposeful and thoughtful in your dealings with is taking the time to listen, to stop everything and notice someones need and help bear their load.

Hygge, for a Christ follower is living with thankfulness in everything. It is realizing the hard times we experience is doing a work which we cannot see. We can relax and trust in God at a deeper level when we are thankful in everything. 

And finally, it is just a word people have taken and given wings. It is after all, not nearly as important as living simple lives that honor God and family. But I think if you do both those things, you will know "hygge".