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Summer...and the Stuff We Do

On the long drive home from Florida, I had much time to contemplate my house and home making skills and the lack of organization in it. My excuse has been that I teach and have not the time to tinker and fritter away time with cleaning and organizing and the like. But sitting there quietly in my seat, my brain began to wriggle and squirm with ideas of what I could do once we arrived home. 

First thing on my list was finding an office space for my- in- nursing- school- husband. Our house is small so this was a little bit challenging. I don't watch Fixer Upper for nothing though. And I am brave. Sometimes.

Anyway. I went to a cute little shop downtown and found this sweet old, wooden, gun box. I fell in love instantly because it is old and wooden, and because it looked purposeful being a shelf and container to hold things at the same time.

It wasn't in the best of shape but it was inexpensive and I knew with a bit of scrubbing it would be perfect.

The best part was hiding it for two whole days while I glued and polished it up for use. When it was ready, I spent one day rearranging the furniture and organizing the space so when Bruce got off his shift that night he would see this when he walked in the door.

Finally, after three years, he finally has a space all his own!

Also we have squeezed in as much sailing as possible in between the schedules.

And hiking here and there...

And floral of my favorite parts of summer...

Did I mention sailing? It's pretty, that.

And I got my groove back with caring about home decor and more...I LOVE vacation...My brain can rest and then I can create.

Who is that wrinkled face lady? We hiked to Clifty Mountain one Sunday afternoon...The wrinkled face lady felt not as young as once she did.

Bruce thought it would be fun to pose and show the world his world. This is his ride to college. And his in between passion when he's not working his ER job is being an EMT. This man has a need for adrenaline rushes I think.

More flowers to end with...

 I have not quit writing real thoughts. But I have been so busy enjoying life and doing girls camp that I could not take the time to sort any deep thoughts. My slush pile of words is a mile high. There's some good in that pile but it might be awhile till I can sort through it... Have a great weekend!