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Three words people tend to snicker about are callings, dreams, and gifts. Maybe it isn't people in general, maybe it is a cultural thing to snicker and make fun of someone's calling or to smash dreams apart. I don't know which way it is but I do think it is contagious, this spirit of “thou shalt not dream” and “thou shalt think/do outside the realms of my reality.”

Which is kind of a problem. Without callings, dreams, and gifts, we would not have people willing to write their souls out on paper...we would not have the Word of God... and awesome blog posts that you can go and discuss with your friends. :)

We would not have parents willing to face heartache and rejection because they felt the need to foster/adopt...even for one or two little souls...they feel this burden and do their part and long to do more...and it is never satisfied...when is a good time to stop caring and loving and reaching out?

Without personal dreams, we would not have doctors, nurses, or musician and artists; yet look at what has been achieved in our lives through those callings. I am not blessed with even one of these gifts but am so glad someone is. A world without music and beauty would be flat. No means of help or cures for the sick would also get a little unbearable.

Maybe most people are encouraging to you if you are gifted in an area, maybe you have felt only approval when pursuing your dreams...I hope this has been your experience... I believe this is the attitude a Christ follower should have. Jesus said it at the age of twelve, when he said, “Don't you know, I must be about my Father's business?”

That should be your answer to those who snicker at your burning drive to go to China and share the gospel. If you have a deep longing to be a singer/songwriter...get on with it! When you feel a calling that honors and glorifies Christ, you should be about your Father's business without apology.

And the soothsayers, the snickerers, and the worriers...They too have goals, desires, and plans...They just don't have yours. Often those kinda people can't understand anything they themselves aren't called to do so they sit at home, and predict and make fun and gossip about those other people that are different than themselves, when what they should be doing is praying and encouraging the doers by being positive and happy and sending them money. :)

Disclaimer: I personally, do not know of any soothsayers, snickerers, or worriers...Well, maybe I know one or two...and I don't want any money either! I was just making a noise...However, I do know of a few good causes that could use the extra funds if you should have any money lying around... :)