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Lonely in our Churches

You were saying only one person told you they were praying for the pain you are going through today. That it felt lonely and nobody cares. You feel cynical and jaded by peoples lack of interest. You feel judge-y because of their wealth and your poverty and still they do nothing to support the cause you have given your heart to.
You said you struggle to understand those that have a burden or calling to foster and adopt, when it is obvious they already juggle normal living... badly. You wonder why they would choose to serve in this way if they are hardly able to keep body and soul alive at home.
You said you could never do what I do, that you don't know how I put up with the things I do each day...because of the dynamics of my job, my people, my soft heart annoys you- you wonder why I don't just walk away and think less...why I bother to listen to their nonsense and chatter.
You accused me of being a lousy leader and not showing enough interests in spiritual things because I miss church to work. You feel I am selfish to work think its about the money. You don't see the blood, guts, and tears I am in all day while I'm busy not being spiritual. While I'm not caring for the spiritual needs of my family by attending church...I am wiping bottoms, cleaning up puke and giving water and injections to the sick and downhearted.
You go to church every Sunday because that is what a good Christian does. You go to be fed the things you think your soul needs on that particular day. You go looking for gold that you might share and expand the kingdom, but go home with fools gold tightly clenched in your fists. Instead the "thee's and thou's" of the hymns shut you needed worship song with modern lingo. The words you heard were trite and patented for someone else. It all hit you like hail ricocheting off a building.
We strive for understanding of each other. We want someone to join our cause. Nobody wants to be the only one in a crowd. We all want to stand out and be amazing and profound, to do stuff for God, to go where He burdens us to go, but we don't want to go alone...we aren't willing to let God be the one to draw us in His way. We desire to see others' hearts change for the things that matter most to us. We seem blinded to the idea that God is able to be at work in all our hearts in a different way, simultaneously.

We forget how big God is, that He wants us all as we are, some serving harder than others.(Who dares to be the judge of that?) Some He's still working to reach...some He has already reached and is doing something in their hearts and lives not as "wow" and "obvious" as how He is using yours.

We are not able to see or comprehend that things that God is doing...but we must believe that he is doing things to your heart and mine. 1 Corinthians 2:9 If we are going to live at peace with one another we must believe the best of each other. We must keep ourselves free of judging another person's portrayal of what God is calling them to.

 We get so concerned with our own kingdoms we forget its about His kingdom.

Instead we should quietly hold those people and their choices up to God to strengthen and support them in the places we don't "get" or "understand". It isn't our business to fully understand the causes and heart cries of our brothers and sisters in's our business to love, trust, and encourage them in the "thing" God is using in them to build His kingdom.


  1. Hugs! This goes straight to the heart.

  2. I read this a second time and it's still good. Thanks.

  3. You covered this concept in such a good way. And we needed to hear it again.


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