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Random Thoughts...

The title alone should give you fair warning that this will be a most boring post.  I have the idea if a person has a blog they should now and then post something of interest.  I remember when I went to winter Bible school there was a poster hanging in study hall that annoyed me like crazy.  It said something like...There are three kinds of people in life... The first kind make things happen, the second kind do something else that is important I can't remember what it is right now, and the third kind say "what happened?"    Obviously, what bugged me about it is I am that third person.  I was then and still am...  

So anyways, life is good and interesting and spring is here and the early stuff is in the garden... etc...  We are having a good time doing what it is we do.   

And then a little thought I've been chasing around... We had home Bible Study last night at Lowell Grabers and he had us study the whole book of Jonah.  We read all four chapters.  And then we discussed it. It was a good discussion.  I enjoyed it thoroughly.  But we missed an important fact that I wanted not missed.  Jonah's problem and why he ran away and why he hated the people of Nineveh...  We had all kinds of reasons why and how he did the things he did.  I think they were all accurate. But what I wasn't brave enough to say lest I would be out of place was that Jonah wanted what he wanted.  He wanted his own way and thinking and he wasn't concerned about what God wanted.  He was consumed with self agenda, self justice, and at the end self pity...   That has been my food for thought... How much of what I do or think is like Jonah and his stinky attitude?  Moral of the story...   Watch out lest you be swallowed by a big fish!


  1. Oh dear. Someone's dancin' on my toes!!!! That post wasn't the least bit boring. Maybe next time.

  2. Hey, that was good thinking and writing. Thanks.


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