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30 Days of Thanksgiving...Week 2

Nov 5. 
Thankful for home this Sunday. I love love love home and Sundays. I catch my breath this day. I make a huge Sunday dinner and as my mom used to say, "We eat feathers all week." aka, leftovers. I usually spend Sunday afternoon writing and planning for the next week of school. On Sunday, my brain is quieted and I am able to make a grocery list that makes sense. It's the one day a week I get to be a family with my people. Usually everyone is in and out of the house yet mostly together.

Nov 6.
Morning sky...a good Monday morning reminder...His mercies are new every morning...Mondays are usually a bit grueling in the classroom so waking up with the sky and remembering His mercy is perfect to begin the week.

Nov 7.
Thankful that God made boys and girls and trying to teach them one is not as good without the other...Praising God for making us each unique in our genders and that we complement each other not try to outshine each other. Try telling a fifth grade boy this concept...some of them will freak out.

Nov 8.
Thankful for our school sale committee this day. Thankful that we have people that go into a big job with their whole hearts. Thankful that we get to teach these things to our kids just by doing them ourselves...Thoughts about serving this doesn't matter who gets the glory for something when everyone is working together to accomplish a common goal. 

Nov 9.
Happy Birthday to my hubby...Even as crazy as life is right now for us he has been my best friend and confidante. I am blessed.

We were not together on Bruce's birthday but Dr. Yost and his wife treated him to these celebratory treats on his pillow when he dragged in from class on Thursday night late.

Nov 10.
Friday! yeah. I didn't truly understand the meaning of Friday until I started teaching...It is a crazy day with the kids usually because they are just as hyper as I am to end the work week, yet we hold ourselves in check as long as possible till its accomplished, art and all. Homecoming is the sweetest on a Friday night.

Nov 11. 
My kids blessed me with their presence and helpfulness. Usually on Saturday they are gone doing grown up kid stuff. But this one, they gave to me...and they did my bidding and did it better than I could have. School sale is next weekend and they got after the projects with me...I hugged them and told them thank you...I love being their mom.