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30 Days of Thanksgiving Week 3

 Nov 12... 
Keeping it simple. Here's the run down of the week's thanksgiving...This was my walk last Sunday...and an all day date with my man. We stayed home from church and the kids spent most the day away so we could catch up with one another. Thankful we have health and that we take time to make each other important.

Nov 13. Monday and the beginning of a great thaw. Most of the snow is gone from the valley. Helps tremendous with school sale preparations.

Nov 14. Finishing up school sale projects...Embracing simple things. Cuz they're easy don't ya know...and make for more time to squander on reading and studying.

Nov 15. Extremely thankful for physical rest and the reminder of our eternal rest once we finally get home. Home is a wonderful place to be...if you need more on this go check out my instagram @delight40.

Nov 16. A quick duck into a thrift store after school and I came away with a genuine leather purse and a few beautiful coffee mugs. This, I realize is shallow to some, but to me it was a spot of happiness in the earthly. I like quality and beauty and I also like affordable. Thrift store give all those things once in a while.

Nov 17. Thankful for travel. A year ago my man and I traveled to the Sea of Cortez over Christmas vacation and went sailing. The freedom to travel is truly a gift as well as the scenery of our big beautiful world. Never take it for granted.

Nov 18. For a youngest child who will still hang out with me and take walks in the woods and have whims to climb up on stumps and play with sticks and moss and push over dead trees just for fun. I love my baby.

Nov 19... Sunday again. Love those Sundays...and the little moments we are all home together which is becoming more and more unusual.

Also am loving air plants...such sweet little things...