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30 Days of Thanksgiving Week 1

                  30 Days of Thanks giving...
Week 1:
                    Nov 1: On my wall blackboard...Healthy foods.
Why, you might ask, would a grown woman be thankful for healthy foods? 
I recently watched a couple TED talks that helped me understand some of the confusion I have felt about food over my life time. Food and I have lived as enemies longer than as friends. I am ready to make peace with it.

 When I was in my teens I finally got my weight a bit under control by following Weight Watchers guidelines. The biggest thing I learned from that experience was balance in nutrition. 

Then I got married and had babies. I found it a lot harder to follow those guidelines after marriage and babies, but with fierce determination I kept after it. 

In the meantime, I started feeling arthritic through out my body. I did the ELISA test which said I was very gluten intolerant. It did help the pain level to eliminate gluten from my life but then I started to put on weight with all the corn and rice products as my carbs. I was back to square one with understanding nutrition in foods.

And then came all the fad diets of today, and multi-level marketing companies that sometime work... if you have the money to support those things, but I wanted to see the underneath part of nutrition that I knew to be balanced and complete without bias. The more practical and truthful the perspective the better for me. I shy away from hoopla. It makes me suspicious, which is why I would make a crummy salesman.

On Nov. 1 I started FMD again. For those of you who do not know what this is, google it and you will find it along with all the other fad diets. I did this diet once before after finding the book at the thrift store. It worked that time too. But then I quit following the rules and here I am once more. While I don't swallow her logic and scientific reasons completely, (Coffee will always be my friend) I think she knows a lot about our food industry and has made sense of some of the confusion for me. 

That's why I am thankful for healthy food. Foods free of preservatives, unprepared, and whole while tasting only the sugar that is in fruits bring a whole new level of sweetness to me.

Nov 2: Kristy and Nikita came home today... 
She stopped in at the school and brought me a coffee and a fierce hug. Their adoption journey is almost to an end. At least this one. My heart has been heavy with all the miracles that needed to happen to make this possible and God did it! 

Nov 3:   Snow day 
on a unexpected gift. I truly thought there would be school. We did get snow but it looked like we could probably get around so I was surprised to get the hotline that said we could stay home. It was so nice to catch up on laundry and cleaning and I even did a little sewing. How rare! 

Nov 4: Home
I love being home. There is just nothing like rearranging the living room and crafting with all naturally gathered material...To use what I have...I love this in decorating and creating...and in being home.

Part of being home is when all the kids come home from their parties and jobs and we go together on icy roads to Sandpoint. This is home when we're all together yet things are not perfect. I love my home.


  1. I really like the wreath making hygge going on here.


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