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Important Papers and Other Things...

I finally found them.  I know that I got A's and B's in school but haven't been able to prove it to my husband or children for lack of evidence.  I know I was baptized, have been immunized, and took a floral design course by mail.  I know that I got my GED after going halfway through high school with no teacher in the CLE curriculum.  I know these things but haven't seen the papers to prove it, until the other day I opened my cedar chest and went through the disorganized mess. I even found my marriage certificate.  That was something I would think about and wonder if I was actually married because I barely remember signing anything. I found old journals of my young life and of dating.  I found photo albums of dating and a wedding planner.  I revisited all the old spots of my life and thought about the past. 

Why are these papers important?  If I never found them to prove to my family that I am who I think I am. Would it matter?  Does it matter to my kids that I got A's and B's.  Will my husbands opinion of me change either way depending on my intelligence or what I feel are achievements?  I figured out it mattered to me and to me alone.  I don't know why nor do I care.  I found them and it makes me happy. That's good enough.  Recently, I've realized that if you have a thing you need to know, the best way to go about it is to do your own personal research.  If you have a question; ask it.  If you want you know about a friends well-being don't look at facebook or read other peoples opinion; ask the friend. Yourself.


  1. Good advice there in those last few lines. I probably don't follow it enough myself! And I am glad you found your papers. Stuff like that is important to me to keep around, too - for my own sake if no one elses'!

  2. I found our papers the other day too....And Matt was a whole grade ahead in Math and his grades were better than mine. Which goes to show he's not a proud person and is humble enough to marry a twit like me! :)


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