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Shaunti & Snoopy have their morning talk... In which she says,"Snoopy Dog, I love you so much."  And then she grabs him and kisses him smack on his furry mouth and I feel faint wondering about the germs.

A rare moment this winter...

Everyone fits but me... I'm the maid... you can't see me cuz I'm out in  the kitchen cleaning up the dishes from the delicious supper I made.  See how happy and contented they all appear?  It's cuz I'm in there slaving away washing up the crummy plates for the fifteenth time this week.  I'm also smiling and singing to myself cuz I'm happy and contented to be cleaning up those crummy plates. I really am.  What if they didn't have me to keep them all thriving??? And sometimes I just blabber to toot my own horn cuz see, they forgot.   They're still hanging out on the couch wondering what's for dessert.
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  1. Now that was hilarious and ever so true. Who else will toot our horns if we don't?!!!! ;)

  2. Loved this tootling, immensely.

  3. Yes, whatever WOULD they do without us?! :-) It's always nice to feel important!

  4. You're the glue in your family, Shilah! A beautiful, giving mom and wife!

  5. :-) the way, my oldest sons would say no germs available...they claim that dogs mouths have less than humans!! I'm still not convinced!! I was just reading this out loud now, and Gwynndon said you are not in the are behind the camera!! LOL!! Some times we moms do feel that way tho'!! :-)


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