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Gods Provision

I have three beautiful books to read and instead I feel this incredible need to write. That’s frustrating, because what I have to say is hard to articulate. Why do other people find it so easy to explain what they’re thinking? And how do other people process things without much ado when I have to look at the thing from all the different angles and talk so much about it. Nobody really wants to know what I’m thinking so why do I feel like it’s so all-fired important to write it or say it or share so many thoughts?

OK. So the thought that won’t let me go this week was God’s provision. God provides everything we need for every day. When the family is sick for weeks on end; I praise God for a house, food, medicine, and clothes where with all we are able to get better under the best of conditions. What if we lived in a grass hut in the scorching sun with no food or water that was clean enough to drink? Why am I so blessed?

When peace doesn’t reign in the house like I think it should. When the children are unthankful or husband and wife aren’t hitting it off as sweetly as you once anticipated you would… God’s provision is amazing. He gave me His Word; full if wisdom and lots of practical useful tips are there if I take the time to apply it. God provided prayer; a power source to pull me through my junk. It is also, a cleansing shower of forgiveness when needed.

I’ve been reminded somehow all week to thank God for His provision especially when I’m not seeing it. That’s faith right? Believing what I’m not seeing? And that is also God’s provision.

Disclaimer: Husband and wife are getting along just fine these days and the illness in the household pretty well took the fight right out of the kiddoes.


  1. Lotsa good here. Thanks Shilah.

  2. And what is this if it isn't REAL? I'm still trying to figure out how to be teachable in the thankful department. Good post.


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