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Seasonal Cheer

                 One morning this week, I was inspired to   make my own reed diffuser.
                 I had all the stuff I was needing... apricot oil, tangerine essential oil, bamboo skewers,  an old brown bottle, and my favorite incense sticks...   
          1st- the apricot oil...about 4 oz. in bottle
      and then the tangerine essential oil.. about 2 oz.
 bamboo skewers plus one incense stick to add a little earthiness...
    It fits perfectly on my new bathroom shelf...  It smells beautiful but not strong yet. In a week or so, I'll add another interesting essential oil.  One can always keep adding or taking away parts of the composition.  When you are me, the options change constantly.  Have a good weekend... may your preparing for Christmas be happy and inspirational.  Or not. Sometimes its good to just be. 


  1. "Sometimes it's good to just be.". That is balm to my soul right now. "Just be-ing", takes everything I've got right now. And to have someone say that it's OK is wonderful.

    1. Awwwh, Dear Frank, so sorry. I haven't kept up very well but I think congratulations are in order for you, Not? Yes, just be. And let the rest go.


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