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He Did It...

We just got the news... Bruce passed his test.  He is now an official EMT!
Bruce and I are actually gone to the mountains for two days.  We are staying in this sweet little cabin that has no cell phone service.  We have been having a wonderful time.  Just got back from a very nice dinner out and getting a phone call from Bruce's instructor that said he has been looking at the wrong info for his score. After a quick search we see it...  Anyhow, we are elated to say the least.

Out for dinner after the practicals test... A week ago

We are all so glad to be back to normal... Whatever that is... Yee Doggies!
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  1. Congrats to Bruce, and to Shilah too! It would be nice to have an EMT in the family - someone who knows what to do in any medical emergency! Have fun on your get-away (slightly jealous)!

  2. When I get your age I can only hope to be as pretty as you.

    1. Amy, you're so full of it. Be very hopeful... You are almost my age so you have not long to wait... Ha! I felt like Magdelina Pagdelina when I looked in the mirror this morning.


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