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These Are a Few of My favorite Things

My Entry way... How I shall miss thee... Thy calm, serene color...
I took a bunch of pictures before I packed it all away.  It will be my comfort on a day I need more "pretty"
My favorite color as well as favorite collection of things...  Oh you beautiful,  beautiful , green/blue thingys...
I get to take my house plants with me.   All is going well with the moving.  I had two weeks of wonderful help.  While Jess was here, we did corn and lots of packing boxes.  While she did the laundry and dishes I was able to kiss my things goodbye as I packed them in boxes. 

We are moving next Monday and Tuesday.  We actually can't move into our rental until Sat. the eighteenth so we are packing an enclosed trailer full.  Also, the new homeowner said we could use half the garage for a week while we wait.  We'll be staying at Mom and Dads house in-be-tween places.  That's all for now...  I'll keep you posted.  Har har...  Posted by Picasa


  1. Matt was looking at your blog this morning and he wants to know what it is you have in those jars up on your title picture. I think it looks like relish. Is it? And when do you have time to make relish? And who eats it? I forget about that kind of stuff and so we never have it. I think he's jealous....he's always scrounging for the sweet relish but I never have much on hand. And I'd like for you to come spend a week at my house again....I need some new Ideas.....

  2. Yes, its sweet zucchini relish and no one eats it but me so its mainly for pretty. It took me like five minutes to run it through the food chopper thingy. He can have a jar if you all come at Christmas. 'thanks for noticin'

  3. i noticed it too...cause this year I made zucchini relish...a first. My children ordered it! Aletha had given us a jar last Christmas, and they liked it.

  4. I love your ability to move ahead with a backward glance at the pretty, but still movin' ahead. It breaks my heart to watch you move ahead while what you really long for is some long time of staying put. But I'm terribly proud of you. smile

  5. Yeah Evie, I'll be OK. There's alot more worse things than moving alot... Like moving alot! haha!


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