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February Blahs...It has a purpose.... I think....

Might as well write while the sun shines… Glorious fact, my computer light is on. Now that I have the time and internet to boot; I’ve been fighting with the technology to actually work. I prayed for the time to write and now that I have it, my inspiration has floated away.

It’s Feb and cold and gray. What started out as a good year has taken a turn for even better, I’m sure. Just can’t feel it right now. It seems bad, but I’m sure its doing something good for our character. And then I wonder what is so bad about my character that its constantly getting a kick to be brighter, be bolder, be happier. Wasn’t I already thankful, grateful, and obedient? When can I have a break from the constant work and grime of life? Never? Oh, this is true… Not till I am in heaven; safe in the arms of my Maker. I KNOW all this momentarily and then I do my everyday mundane chores and forget. I forget so fast. That’s why the constant work and grime. To help me remember that God has a way and a purpose not my own and He will make good on His plan in His time.

Spring will come again. Things might not work out how I like even when spring does come. There’s a song that keeps rolling around my head that has the phrase, ’Even if the healing never comes’ That’s where it needs to be for me. OR as Job said, ‘Thou You slay me, I will trust You.” I get the concept. It’s where I want my heart to be but to live like that takes a little more dedication than I’m used to giving. So, that’s why Feb. It’s how it’s supposed to be. Or as my husband says, “It’s part of the story”.