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Valentines Day

Today is the day of love and romance.  Toria wished this morning that every day could be Valentines Day.  I think it may have had something to do with the pretty cupcakes we made and the strawberry, flavored ,heart-shaped marshmallows she was passing out to her class. 

I was thankful for Jesus' words this morning.  Jesus simplifies life if you do what He said to do. We read if anyone ask you to go a mile, to go with him two.  If anyone slaps you on the cheek, turn the other one also. That really does take away what I think I deserve when 'my rights' are violated.  It takes care of the battle of wanting my way and the threat of every day meanness that happens if you live and are a human being.  People ARE gonna be mean some days.  We won't always be treated lovely.  We should expect this.  Real love is doing my part in spite of the common meanness. It means, everyday me doing my part of acting how Jesus said to act with no worry how I am treated.  That is my valentine today. Now how to teach that to a child?