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June Gone By...

     Life is moving by at such a rapid pace I forget to catch my breath...  June has been a fast full month and I can't remembered what we did... Let me try to break it down.
     School was barely out and the girls went to VBS for two weeks every morning except weekends of course.  During that eventful time, our church had its annual camp-out. A very good relaxing weekend for that, we took the camper out for the first time this year.  Bruce actually had that Sat. off work and was there at camp with us the whole time.  We took lots of firewood and sat like two old married people in each other presence by our campfire and just enjoyed doing nothing.  Sometimes there wasn't even conversation.  Just sitting quietly together. I will admit, Bruce had to pull me down into my chair now and then.  Without him, I forget to relax. 
     The following week was more VBS and picking strawberries and weeding over at the other garden on Oxford.  Then, we would come home and work here trying to make sense of this place. Everything is such a dead end here with no funds to get it fixed up.  I run my head off just trying to keep the place clean and picked up. Thus, I have moments of discouragement.  I AM truly thankful for the care of our Heavenly Father.  I know His hand is in all this work of taking care of two places and resting in the fact that He is on the job and will sell the Oxford house when He sees fit.  But, I am human and need to remind myself sometimes hourly, to be thankful for what is.
     So, I work the mail route for Bruce almost every Wednesday.  It gets me out of the house away from the obvious and a day off from me and my brain.  I just do mail and pray in my mind as I work. It also gets Bruce here at home to get more improvements done and a day with the kids.  It's funny.  I would have never predicted such an arrangement would be enjoyable for me.  God truly does have a sense of humor.
     I spent a day last week taking Laife shopping for boys camp and getting him outfitted in contacts.  A long fun day in the city.  I feel more and more like a country bumkin as I get older and live here in the panhandle of the Northwest. Something about going to the mall makes me feel distinctly out of place.
    I was so disappointed to discover the longest day of summer came and went without my noticing.  That is truly a sign of too much busyness. I'm reacting by being into "Simple".  I am discovering that recipes taste better that use three or four ingredients.  Five max. I am finding that in order to see my priorities of the day, I shut off the internet and zone into my own life.  I'm more focused to getting things done. Less clutter to mentally process.  I'm taking things off the wall and donating to the thrift store.  More on this later... My next blog will be about "simple" maybe.