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Vacation Part 2

After a long day of sailing, Dave and Laura Shirk, relatives of Bruce, met us on their boat and guided us to a dock they had requested of friends for us. These kind people let us tie our boat at their private dock for three more days so we could take people sailing there in Sarasota.

Our boat was tied just a couple houses down from this beautiful home.

Dave and Laura took us and all our luggage on to their boat and then we went out for a lovely dinner on the water...afterward they delivered us to Bruce's parents house where we were reunited with our kiddoes.

Why are sunsets so pretty on the water?

We were able to take Bruce's Grandpa Good sailing!

And experience taking a golf cart to the drug store...with Grandpa Good driving...which is a miracle in itself that it was all done so safely. 😁 He's good at this golf cart driving...but scary.

Bruce's parents took us to many restaurants while we were there; Der Dutchman twice, because his mom works there...

There was a man there making balloon figures...he surprised Toria with Mr. Bugs Bunny.

 We decided to stop in and see Royal and Jenn Barnhart on our way home...She made us a lovely meal of garden vegetables. We listened to their talented children play their instruments, and then of course, Jenn and I stayed up late talking.

Jenn's daughter, Addison shares a 'delightful' middle name with me.

Amy and I are like two peas in a pod always whenever we get together. Being only 13 months apart makes us almost twins...anyway, its always like being home with no explanations to spend time with my sister.

And our guys are so good at male bonding which you can see here...

They actually went storm chasing and had a blast while Amy and I drank coffee and watched the storm from the house. Someone had to watch the kids right?

The lightening was all over and everywhere for hours...It was like the fourth of J-u-l-y.

And then we continued on...

A place we stopped to picnic and walk through. There was an old grave yard where many pioneers were buried...

Scenery heading west gave a great feeling of home.

Stopped here for one last night and then home. Larry and Rose Kennel recently bought property in Montana and are living the dream of living off the land. It was good to see them again.

And then we came home...June 18, 2017...5:00 P.M.


  1. Lovely vacation posts. I'm really liking vacation at home this week.


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