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Snow snow and more snow...

This is what its all about lately.  Once it starts this year, it can't stop.  I guess it's making up for lost time last year.  Anyhow, the kids live out there.  School was cancelled yesterday so I even went out and went sledding for the first time in years.  It's gorgeous.  It's also a trial to the mail man.  It's hard to drive up to a mailbox and deliver the mail with out getting sucked into the ditch.  Yesterday the semi from Spokane was stuck in Naples till ten-thirty so Bruce didn't get his mail til much later than usual.  Needless to say the house has come to a screeching halt the last couple of weeks.  [That is the building of the house]...We have much to be thankful for... We're warm and we are family...
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  1. It is beautiful! I wish I could play in it too! And I like your projects from last post. You are one busy beaver!!!

  2. why won't this thing let me post!!!??

  3. Hey Jenn, It's posting... It's just that I have to read them before they are published... Glad to hear from you...

  4. Beautiful snow. I like your pictures.


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