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Because I Can't Explain

And also because I am so very far behind with writing and thoughts and because that really bothers me...I am doing a picture post to bring you up to date with our lives.

This is a photo I took the day after we signed papers for a house on Diamond Lake. Yes, we bought our dream home. And yes, we own two homes currently but listed the one in Bonners Ferry today because well, it's just plain extravagant and foolish to own two homes when you are forty and not at all set up for your golden years.

The plan was to eventually move somewhere closer to Spokane, Washington for Bruce to begin practicing nursing...graduation is in the spring if he passes his final semester...That we are doing it this early in the game might be foolish too. We will surely find out. However, It seemed like a golden opportunity when we found this lovely property on Diamond Lake at an affordable price, at least, affordable for a lake side property.

 In the meantime, we continue to live and breathe and have our being... Which involves school and fall hikes and harvesting of grapes and grapevines and beautiful fall colors and the aches and pains of teaching. And life continues to be life; filled with weddings and births and birthdays and chemo treatments of loved ones and accidents of youth, such as bike wrecks and gun shot wounds... And around all this living you tuck in as many regular other parts of living that make it all really real.

Last Saturday, down at the lakehouse... still trying to take it all in...

It has been such a pretty fall...more this year than a lot of Octobers...

Sunday morning stroll through the fog...I couldn't figure out why all we got cleaned on Saturday was the kitchen, dining and living room, and then Bruce said this house has around 2800 square ft of living space compared to my usual 1100 square ft at this house... No wonder I was exhausted.

In front of the house. It is very livable but needs updated. We'll do this updating of which I speak, at our leisure. I hope that doesn't mean never, cuz I don't see any of that lying around lately.

View from the living room window...we hope to remove a few trees to see better glimpses of the lake from the house.

Shrub off the back porch...a lonely maple leaf nestled down in it.

A hike to Spruce Lake with my beautiful children a couple Saturdays ago...the above picture of the lake with the moose at the far end is from this same day...It's all been too much. The kids are happyexcitedsadangryaloofmixedup kinda all at once. Really we all are. I have said it's a little like having a newborn. After 24 hours of holding it and fussing over it, you are bone tired and wonder, can we put it back now? Truly we don't want to put it back, but we are a little up and down right now.

So that's all folks. The pictures helped tell the story. One day again, I will do regular post and have wordy deep thoughts. Or not. I think deep is not happening any time soon. Right now my prayer is, I need thee every hour, most precious Lord.


  1. Thanks for showing your dream house. Its so cool, you doing this.

  2. Well bother. I commented this morning and it must have floated away. Your pictures are all sounds like a beautiful dream....full of blood, sweat, and tears. But I am happy for you! And hope that in the not too distant future, you'll be able to take the time to soak in the enjoyment. Love and prayers for you my dear!


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